IMAGU is a creative studio, specializing in ideation and visual storytelling in the video, commercial, virtual and augmented reality spaces. We work with brands, artists, record labels, production companies and agencies looking for creative ideas and stories. 


We help clients with concepts and strategies that can live both virtually and beyond the headset. We create visual stories that resonate for both 360 environments and traditional platforms. We create strategies that repurpose visual content across traditional mediums like music videos, tour visuals, digital spots, in-store installations & in-person experiences.


We are the creative translators between creatives at entertainment, brands and music companies, and the geniuses in the tech and virtual industries. We help level the playing field and remove the barrier to entry for companies curious about VR and experiential storytelling.



  • Live Events & Concert Visuals
  • Creative Storytelling
  • Art Direction
  • Project Management
  • Creative Direction
  • Video Content Creation
  • Interactive & Immersive Ideation
  • Visual Concepts

We've been lucky enough to work with these geniuses along the way: